Grade 3 Standards

Students engage in problem solving, communicating, reasoning, connecting, and representing as they:

3.G.1    Compare and analyze attributes and other features (e.g., number of sides, corners, diagonals, and lines of symmetry) of two-dimensional geometric shapes.

3.G.2    Describe, model, draw, compare, and classify two-dimensional shapes, e.g., circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. Identify and describe simple three-dimensional shapes, e.g., cubes, spheres, and pyramids.

3.G.3    Identify angles as right angles, less than a right angle, and greater than a right angle.

3.G.4    Identify and draw parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and other intersecting lines.

3.G.5    Using ordered pairs of whole numbers and/or letters, locate and identify points on a grid.

3.G.6    Identify and draw lines of symmetry in two-dimensional shapes.

3.G.7    Predict and explain the results of taking apart and combining two-dimensional shapes.